How Long Can Fish Go Without Food?

Adult fish can survive for a week or two without food. Young fish, on the other hand, lack the fat reserves of adult fish and cannot survive for lengthy periods of time without feeding. That doesn’t imply you should miss feedings on a regular basis, but your fish can do without food for a long weekend.

Similarly, Will my fish be OK without food for 2 days?

The majority of aquarium fish can spend three to seven days without eating. However, unless absolutely essential, it is not advisable to spend more than a day or two without eating.

Also, it is asked, How long can you leave fish unfed?

Most cold-water fish can go for a week without food, while tropical species need more frequent feeding. While you’re on vacation, you have a few alternatives for feeding your fish.

Secondly, Do fish need to be fed every day?

Most fish can survive on with one or two feedings each day. Most fish need 16 to 24 hours to digest the food they consume, so feeding them once a day is enough. Some owners, on the other hand, choose to feed their fish just twice a day.

Also, Can you leave fish for 2 weeks?

Freshwater fish are capable of spending many days without eating. Adult fish can survive for a week or two without food. Young fish, on the other hand, lack the fat reserves of adult fish and cannot survive for lengthy periods of time without feeding.

People also ask, Should I fast my fish once a week?

How Often Do I Have to Feed My Fish? Most of the time, feeding your fish once or twice a day is plenty. Some hobbyists even fast their fish once or twice a week to enable their digestive tracts to clean. Fish that are larger and more sedentary may go longer between meals than fish that are smaller and more active.

Related Questions and Answers

How long can fish go without oxygen?

We now know how goldfish and their wild crucian carp cousins may live for five months without inhaling oxygen. When oxygen levels drop, the fish have developed a set of enzymes that help convert carbs into alcohol, which may subsequently be discharged via the gills.

How long can neon tetras go without food?

Three weeks is a good estimate. Probably a little longer in a planted tank. When you receive them back, they’ll probably be thin, but assuming the water quality holds up, they should be OK. When you receive them, just give them lots of healthy food.

How long can a fish go without a filter?

A fish may survive without a filter for up to seven days and up to three days. A filter helps to purify the water repeatedly so that the pollutants do not settle.

Can I leave my betta fish for a week?

Betta fish may go for up to ten days without food, however this is not advised! It’s conceivable they’ll live a few more days, but this is just survival; you’re steadily starving the betta fish, which may quickly kill them.

What if I accidentally overfed my fish?

Cloudy water is usually the first indicator that a fish tank and its inhabitants have been overfed. Remove any rotten food from your fish and don’t feed them for a day or two. Fish don’t mind since it won’t injure them and isn’t harsh. They can easily survive without meals for a day or two.

How long can a fish live?

2–5 years for Siamese fighting fish 20 years for Eurasian carp 60 years of Wels catfish 7–10 years for northern pike 7-year-old mahi-mahi

How do you feed fish when you’re away?

While on vacation, the most pressing thing is always feeding the fish. A battery-operated automated fish food feeder is the best and simplest method. These feeders, like the light timer, may be set to feed once or twice a day for up to two weeks or longer at a time.

What happens if I don’t feed my fish?

In most circumstances, fish can survive for a week or two without eating. Fish in well-established tanks may survive even longer since they consume planaria and other bugs, as well as live plants in planted tanks, and practically any fish will try algae if it’s the only food available.

How often should I clean my fish tank?

about every two weeks

What human food can fish eat?

Green meals, as well as certain fruits, are worth trying. Most herbivorous fish prefer blanched lettuce, boiled peas, and spinach, whereas suckermouth catfish like plecs can gladly graze on raw courgette, cucumber, sweet potatoes, and even melon slices!

Do fish get sad in tanks?

When fish are confined in small bowls or tanks, they get irritated and unhappy. In a big filtered tank, keep house fish. A pump should be installed in each tank to keep the water flowing continually.

Can a fish starve to death?

Depending on the size of the fish and its initial health, it might take anything from a few weeks to as long as six weeks for a fish to starve to death.

How long can a fish live in a cup?

They may become ill from bad water conditions, low temperatures, and stress if they are kept in a cup for more than 48 hours.

Can fish survive a bucket?

Maintaining circulation and water quality will go a long way toward assisting the fish in the bucket. However, it seems like there are a lot of fish for 5 gallons, thus a bigger container (15-20 gallons) is preferable if it will stay longer than overnight.

Can a fish stay in a bag overnight?

According to some sources, fish may live up to 9 hours in a bag (or even a day or two in some cases). However, keeping your fish in the bag for 5 to 7 hours is optimal for both you and your fish. In shallow water, many fish can survive for two days without oxygen.

How long can goldfish go without food?

Goldfish may live up to two weeks without food, although it’s not suggested since caged goldfish have a regular feeding schedule. If you’ll be gone for more than three or four days, ensure sure your goldfish is fed on a regular basis.

How long can you go without feeding a tetra fish?

Registered. Most fish can survive for at least a week or two without food and will be OK. 4 weeks is a long period, but I’d be more worried about the lack of upkeep (water changes) than the absence of food at that time.

How long can guppies go without food?

When food is short, adult guppy fish have adequate fat stores and body bulk to self-sustain. In an aquarium, how long can guppies continue without food? Adult guppies may last up to two weeks without food if they are in good health. Remember that feeding guppies just once every two weeks should not become a habit.

Can I turn my fish filter off for one night?

Is it possible to turn off your filter at night? Turning off your aquarium filter every night is not a smart idea. The filter is critical to the health of your tank, and turning it off for long periods of time might cause difficulties.

How often should I change fish bowl water?

Every three days, replace at least half of the water in the bowl or aquarium to maintain your fish healthy.

Is it OK to turn off a fish filter at night?

If you switch off your filter every night, the quality of your water may suffer. As a result, the aquarium filter should not be turned off at night. An aquarium filter removes dirt, debris, and filth from the aquarium water, such as uneaten food, dead plants, and excrement.

Can betta fish survive 3 days without food?

Betta fish are extremely hardy creatures that can easily spend time alone if their tanks are kept in excellent condition. A betta fish may be unfed for 10-14 days, but not longer. Try using an automated feeder for fry since they need to eat more often, although they may still be left unfed for 2-3 days.


The “how long can fish go without water” is the question that many people ask. Fish need oxygen to live, but they also need food. If a fish doesn’t have water, it will die in 3-6 days.

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A betta fish can go without food for up to 3 days. If you are not sure how long your fish has been without food, then it is probably time to feed them again. Reference: how long can a betta fish go without eating.

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